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Moving to Blender? Meet Todor from CGDive (20% off of his products)

Hi everyone, I've spent quite a few years rigging in CG, first starting in 3DSMax, then moving to Lightwave (yeah, no joke), and then to Maya, and Unity. And in the past few years, I have been fascinated by how far Blender has gone in terms of character rigging and animation capabilities. I have no experience rigging in Blender whatsoever, so when I looked for tutorials and materials on it, I found CGDive and Todor. We connected on Twitter and hit it off. He was super gracious to provide me and my supporters with a discount code on ALL of his tutorials and products here on Gumroad and I wanted to share it with you:

Use coupon code "marin" to get 20% off on ALL of his tutorials and products.

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About Todor

Todor is a CG generalist with many years of experience in the 3d field. He created CG Dive because he wanted to create in-depth CG training and share it with the world. Also, follow him on Twitter , YouTube, or here on Gumroad where he shares tons of free content.

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