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The perfect cheat sheet for all technical artists in the Computer Graphics industry. It is useful for experienced artists, for which the zines can serve as a fast reminder of key concepts, without spending time searching for a specific formula in videos or linear algebra books. It is also useful for beginners who want to understand these ideas for the first time. 

Download and read it on your device or print it as a real physical book! You will find explanations of concepts such as vectors, matrices, trigonometry functions, curves, and many more! Each concept is carefully distilled to the most essential and important information on just a single page. 

The Zines are compressed information of:

  •  more than 100+ hours of videos
  • 1000+ pages of linear algebra and calculus books

My name is Marin Petrov and I have worked for 20+ years in the Animation, VFX, and Game industries as Technical Director.  I have worked on projects for Blue Sky Studios, Disney, Netflix, and others. And my credits include movies such as Ice Age, Rio, Epic, Ferdinand, and many more. You can find me on Twitter at and my email address is

Page Sample


  • Vectors
  • Vector Operations
  • Vector Magnitude
  • Vector Normalization
  • Dot Product
  • Dot Product Use Cases
  • Cross Product
  • Cross Product Use Cases
  • Closest Point to a Line
  • LERP
  • Parametric Curves
  • Linear Bezier
  • Quadratic Bezier
  • Cubic Bezier
  • Matrices
  • Transform Matrices
  • Inverse Matrix
  • Degrees and Radians
  • Sine and Cosine
  • Angle between Vectors
  • Euler Angles
  • Complex Numbers
  • Complex Numbers Rotations
  • Quaternions


How do I print the printable version?

Open one of the cgzines_print_*.pdf files, use color printing and A4-sized paper. Set the "Double-Sided" ("Print on both sides of paper") option to on. After the print is done, fold the pages in the middle and staple them in the fold. You should get this: 

Does this work for beginners?

Absolutely! I have presented all the concepts in a few easy-to-understand chunks of information that anyone can follow. You don't have to know math or anything else in order to understand the ideas. 

What's the refund policy?

If what you see is not what you expected, reply to the download email within 30 days, and you will get a full refund. No questions asked. 

Can I share this with my team or class?

Yes! There are different download options for teams and for class use.

The PDFs have different names - what do they mean?

  • To print them, use the *_print* versions of the files for double-sided printing. 
  • To read them on an electronic device, use the *_read* versions. 
  • *_highres* means the file is very big in size, but with high-quality uncompressed graphics
  • *_lowres* means the file is a smaller size, but with compressed images (it's actually pretty good in terms of quality)
  • The *_v2* at the end denotes the version of the files. The bigger the version number, the most recent the file edition. I keep the old version of the files there as well, just in case someone needs an older edition. 

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Computer Graphics Zines

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